What is Dassie?

A peer-to-peer network which can transfer tiny amounts of money quickly and cheaply.

It's not a blockchain - payments are routed like packets through the network and are not stored. The only shared state is the link state used for routing.

Why Dassie?


Dassie can handle very large amounts of very small payments and scales horizontally meaning its throughput capacity increases as more nodes join the network.


Dassie automatically handles currency exchange and routing. You can use any (supported) currency you like and still transact with everyone else on the Dassie network.


The current implementation uses various cryptocurrencies as the underlying value transfer systems, but Dassie is based on Interledger (opens in a new tab), which means that it can be used with any payments system with an open API.


The Dassie project is in the very early stages of development. The current version is a preview release which only supports test payments (without real-world value) and does not yet support currency conversion.